"I have had the privilege of taking both the Sacred Sites Tour and the Magical Ireland Tour. I don't like the word "tour" as it was so much more than that. What the web site should say is "Magical Ireland Life Changing Experience". It is a trip that you won't forget for the rest of your life. First of all, Ireland is a magical, enchanting place that you will fall in love with. Then you have 3 of the most knowledgeable people guiding you through this experience. Janet, Gavin and Liz, it doesn't get any better than that! Each site is truly different, yet interwoven with each other. Descending into the ground at the Cave of the Cats and then re-emerging is like a rebirth. You come out a different person then when you went in. Just sitting in the living room of Sister Mary Minehan of the Brigidine order in Kildare and being in the presence of Brigid's sacred flame brought tears to many who were there. And this was all before the woman even spoke a word. Tara is lovely and there is a deep sense of all that has transpired on the site. The room at the B+B had one of the most comfortable beds I have ever slept in, and Gemma, the wonderful woman who runs it, has a heart so big she immediately makes you feel like family. The shopping on Dublin was incredible, so bring an extra suitcase. Magic is everywhere in Ireland and this will be a trip you won't soon forget".

~ Sandy 10/11

"I had the pleasure of attending the Sacred Sites Tour in August 2010 with Liz Guerra. I was my first trip outside of the United States. I can say with complete confidence that it will not be my last to this enchanted country.

I had done much academic study of Ireland's history and its myths as a high school and college student. Liz's tour was the first time it all came alive for me, and it was truly magical in every sense of the world. Many Irish folktales and legends tell of the magic and mystery hidden within the Irish landscape, and this trip is an oppourtunity to experience it first hand, in the flesh. Ireland is a place where something of Europe's ancient, mythical past still can be glimpsed among the ruined abbeys, the standing stones and burial mounds, and the locales immortalized within the great Irish epics: The Hill of Tara, Lough Crew, Newgrange, the Hill of Slane, Fore Abbey and other places. You feel something also of Ireland's glorious, yet painful past within the ever chaning Irish weather. You remember, even within our modern, industrialized and digitized world, that the Emreald Isle is a proud land, inhabited by a proud people who are among the last vesitages of a great civilization and culture that once held sway over all of Western Europe: The Celts. This is a people that helped to perserve the light of Classical culture among the chaos of the Dark Ages, and who resisted domination by the Vikings, the Normans and the English for centuries to emerge in the 20th century as the only modern Celtic nation. 

I went to Ireland as part of a spiritual quest because I wanted to understand why this land enchanted the imaginations of so many. I went answering something of a calling by Erin herself. I wanted to see in person the landmarks that shine throughout the ancient legends and stories.. Liz was an excellent, knowledgeable guide and I would highly recommend taking this tour with her. She's well-versed in the local lore, has an excellent network of friends in the country that will make any traveler fell welcome, and overall is a swell travel companion. 

I also went on this trip for purposes of religious and spirtual training and guidance. I practice a nature-based pagan religion that uses holy days borrowed from ancient Irish lore amd it was very instructive to imerse oneself in the culture that birthed crucial aspects of my spiritual path. I took this trip as part of a "turning 30" milestone and it was somewhat of a culmination of all the years I spent studying this nation's history and its mythic theology. 

Liz was very attentive to our concerns and questions, especially for those like myself who have little experience with international travel. She was quick to provide all relevent information and educated us all in the little peculiarities of venturing abroad. She runs her tour business as a well-trained professional and it was in large part by her efforts that I had such a positive experience. I felt no nervouness and all of our needs were taken care of. 

One of the most interesting lessons I learned was this. I myself am not of Irish descent as far as know, but I did feel that the land itself was open to me and accepted me. The sites that you visit on this tour act like portals of a sort, helping you communicate with this island's long history. I would highly recommend a trip to Ireland for any American; it is well documented how much the Irish have contributed to the strength of the United States. We share common language and history, and you somehow feel all of this through taking this tour. 

The Irish countryside holds an ancient magic and a trip to Dublin, the Irish capital city which was part of my tour, showed too how Ireland has fared in the modern world. Dublin was a cosmopolitan city and I heard several European languages spoken there. I write of this memory and I understand that Dublin is one of the great cities of the Old World, that it stands shoulder to shoulder with Paris, Rome, London, Madrid, Prague, Oslo, as a seat of power and culture in Europe. 

I remember the joy I felt when we landed and the bittersweetness of having to leave this beautiful country. For all intents and purposes something of my soul found a home on this, at times, emotional and melancholic island. It seemed Eire welcomed me as a mother welcomes her lost little boy. 

I was reminded of my European heritage because of this trip and learned that there is an entire world outside of the United States. It helped remove a somewhat Ameri-centric viewpoint I had and because of Liz and her tour, it is one of my life goals to travel throughout Europe and beyond. 

This trip was nothing short of a life-changing experience and I have Liz to thank for taking me on such a wonderful journey".

~ T.Z. 11/9/11