My first trip to Ireland occurred in late October 1999. From the moment I first stepped foot on Irish soil, I was captivated by its beauty and lore. For me, Ireland is one of the most beautiful places on earth. My second trip occurred only 5 months later in March of 2000. Since then I’ve been traveling to Ireland annually.  My interests lie mainly in researching the various ancient structures or sacred sites that pre-date Christianity. I’ve been studying these sites since then and have even offered lectures on the subject. I also continue to enjoy the scenic beauty that Ireland has to offer, not to mention the beauty of its people.

I’m not an expert in Irish lore, nor am I an Archeologist. I’m just a lay person who has an inherit interest in these sites and a lust for knowledge. This interest of mine (some may say obsession) prompted me to begin to offer tours to Ireland so that I can bring others to this mystical land where we can share with and learn from each other.

Professionally, I am the Senior Marketing Representative for an alcohol and drug treatment facility that is located in the north-east. Spiritually, I don't follow any dogmatic organized religous path.  Rather, I'm open to exploring and learning new ideas, especially the spiritual ways of our ancestors.  I've studied and am in awe of the Celtic Goddess, turned Saint, Brighid.  She represents healing, creativity in the ways of the arts and governs the forge. She is the peace maker and is represented by the eternal flame, burning brightly within our hearts and minds.

As I continue to visit Ireland, I’m always learning new things. Ireland definitely has something to offer every visitor. Whether this is your first time visiting or your 100th, Ireland provides a magical experience that haunts the very fibers of your soul.

Sacred Site Tours, LLC